AkshyaPower Udaan

AkshyaPower introduces automatic Machine Learning based Aerial Thermography inspection for you Solar PV assets to help you maximize generation of Solar PV assets. Aerial thermography is the practice of assessing and monitoring photovoltaic (PV) system condition using data captured via an aircraft equipped with a thermal camera. Outcome of the inspection enables the site technicians to resolve inefficiencies impacting the energy generation and as preventive maintenance for electrical and fire safety. We also offer Module/ string level electrical characteristics (IV Tracing) or On site Electroluminescense (EL) Testing.


We collect aerial solar data for you and turn it into comprehensive analytics and actionable reports to optimize your assets. Any defects on the solar panel like swirl defect, cell defects (scratched, cracked or broken cell) or dirt upon the surface area of photovoltaic cell results in hot places/hot spots which in turn produce heat are detected automatically in realtime using the Machine Learning and AI algorithms.

AI & Machine learning for aerial solar PV asset inspection.

Our software processes thermal and color imagery generated from aerial solar site inspections with drones and/or manned aircraft. Every image is analyzed with a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, and anomalies are detected, classified, and localized. Based on the automatic analysis, tickets are generated and assigned to the responsible team with links to exact location and details of detected fault. An easy to use interface is provided to the team to monitor, analyze and verify the inspection. We provide a complete range of inter connected solution which links our AkshyaPower Monitoring Solution with Aerial inspection and Ticketing solution to bring all data together and help you make better decision. Contact us know for more information and a live demo.